Rev. Mae Fredericks

Picture of Rev. Mae FredericksRev. Mae Fredericks was Ordained as a minister, in May 2006, in Montreal.
Rev. Mae, “Aspiring Angel”, SSF, IIIHS, Interfaith Minister, 30 years experience in volunteer work and is, by Trade, a Professional Human Resources Advisor with the Federal Government. Mae has been an advocate for Single Parents and for Employment Equity and other Diversity issues. Mae has appeared on TV and in Newspaper. Mae has demonstrated Yoga on TV and continues the practice. Mae has written published articles and has lead classes in Perception Development, Remote Viewing, Bending of Spoons, Healing Circles, Psychic Development, Energy and Crystal work, Mediations, as well as other educational workshops. Mae received lucid physic messages as a child but was scared of how powerful they became as a teenager, and gave the practice up until she found the Fellowship in 1987. Mae, since childhood was an advocate for Religions to get along and be Spiritual. Mae is proud to be in a diverse interfaith ministry. Mae’s philosophies are “Think With Love” and “How many times do you forgive 70x70x70x70x70x70”.