Spiritual Science Fellowship Halifax logo,, all in purple, a white circle with a large figure which looks like it has three small figures of the same in it's hands. Interpretation could be one large spirit holding others.

Current Events & Classes


Christmas Party & Potluck
Saturday December 8th

4:00 pm to 8 pm
5500 Inglis Street (U.U. Church)
Suggested Donation for the local Food Bank if you can volunteer to do so.

Candle Light Service

Location: Universalist Unitarian Church   5500 Inglis St. Halifax
Service: 7:00pm   Spiritual Healing weekly: 6:00 – 6:45pm
Everyone Is Welcome!

Psychic Development Class Level 1

Image of date and time of Psychic Development Classes as given in text. Licenced Minister Gerard Allain will be offering this set of classes on Saturdays from September 22nd to November 3rd, each Saturday the class time is from 1:30 pm to 2:30pm. The classes are $90 for the set and $60 for SSF Members.

To Register Contact LM Gerard
Phone (902) 222-9686

Psychic Tea
image states Psychic Tea, gifted Psychics and Mediums, 15 minute mini readings, fundraiser for the SSF HRM. Saturday October 27ths from 7 pm to 9m, 5500 Inglis Street at the U.U. Church, suggested donation of $20. On the bottom of the image it gives the website www.ssfnf.orgSaturday October 27th

7:00 pm to 9 pm
5500 Inglis Street (U.U. Church)
Suggested Donation of $20
Readings are 15 minutes on a first come basis.

2016 Psychic Fair

The SSF HRM 2016 Psychic Fair, held on Saturday April 16th and Sunday April 17th, was once again a success. The organisers of the SSF HRM would like to thank all those who participated especially all of the dedicated Volunteers.

Please contact Rev. Michael Hiltz in regards to any upcoming events with the Spiritual Science Fellowship HRM.

2015 Mediumship Development Classes with Rev. Eileen Casey Gonzalez

These classes contain original content sanctioned by the Spiritual Science Fellowship and presented by the late Rev. Fred Cale, HRM Chapter founder. The first level of the Spiritual Mediumship Development classes introduce participants to their natural gifts, while discussing different topics related to developing and working with intuition. During the classes, participants are exposed to a variety of related information and participate in exercises which aide in their development. There are three levels to these courses, Level One – Beginer, Level Two -Intermediate and Level Three – Advanced.

The three levels of Spiritual Mediumship Development Courses are designed to take an individual from a beginner level to the point of being able to perform spiritual mediumship readings. The courses involve experiential work, class exercises and often homework. The more an individual participates in the classes, the better they advance with their development. The classes are fun and held in a friendly and safe environment.

Some of the topics included in the Level One Spiritual Mediumship Development Course include: what it is to be Psychic, what it is to be a Medium, what is Grounding, how To Ground, Protection, Responsibility, Symbols, Spirit Guides, Colors, Sensing Energy, Basic Readings, Meditation Basics, Exercises & more! The Level One Class is an introduction level to Spiritual Mediumship Development and Psychic Development. It contains information which is essential to the rest of the course levels.

Cost: The cost of each of the class levels is $110 and $80 for currant SSF Members. A $40 deposit is required and the remainder of class fee due at the end of the second class. Major Credit Cards are excepted in person or by phone.

2014 December Visit with Rev. Dr. Marilyn Rossner

December 6th Message Circle & Talk 

Saturday December 6th 7:30 pm
5500 Inglis Street (U.U. Church)
$25 for Non-SSF Members and $20 for SSF Members

SSF Sunday Service Guest
Sunday December 7th 2014 from 7 pm to 9 pm
5500 Inglis Street (U.U. Church)

Ama-Deus® Level One &; Level Two 2014
With Special Guest Beth Cosmos

Come and learn this hand mediated technique of using healing energy for one’s self and others. Join Us in this an incredible opportunity to learn this effective spiritual healing modality with Internationally Teacher, Beth Cosmos, the author of Ama-Deus® Healing With The Sacred Healing Energy Of The Universe, and the President of the International Association of Ama-Deus®.

The Ama-Deus® method is used and taught internationally, having instructors throughout Canada, the United States, South America and Europe. Ama-Deus® combines the uses Sacred Universal Energy and Sacred Symbols. The technique is more than 6000 years old and comes from the Brazilian Rain forest. Beth Cosmos was initiated in to the technique and is the author of the book Ama-Deaus- Healing With Scared Energy Of The Univerise.

Beth Cosmos has been a special guest at the IIIHS Montreal conferences on several different occasions. We at the SSF HRM are very proud to announce that on May 2nd and May 3rd Beth Cosmos will be here in Halifax to teach this effective and amazing healing technique.

Cost: $150 Non-SSF Members,  $125 SSF Members

Contact Rev. Carmen Dugas-Mattatall for more information by emailing her at

Complete information on the Ama-Deus® can be found on the International Ama-Deus Association web site at