Spiritual Science Fellowship Halifax logo,, all in purple, a white circle with a large figure which looks like it has three small figures of the same in it's hands. Interpretation could be one large spirit holding others.


1) The Halifax Spiritual Science Fellowship is part of the IIIHS. What does IIIHS stand for?

IIIHS is short for “The International Institute of Integral Human Sciences” which is a non-governmental organization affiliated with the United Nations DPI, promoting educational programs for the 21st century. We work in many nations towards the convergence of new sciences with spirituality and universal human values, creating inter-religious and inter-cultural understanding for world peace.

2) Who is Marilyn Rossner?

Marilyn Rossner is the co-founder of the IIIHS, and founder-president of the SSF. She is a retired professor of special care counselling at Vanier College, a children’s behaviour therapist, a minister of the ICCC, and one of the world’s most gifted intuitives! She is the head of the Spiritualist Yoga Fellowship and resides most of the time in Montreal, Quebec.

3) What is ICSPS?

ICSPS is short for International College of Spiritual and Psychic Sciences. It is an Interfaith seminary and college program for the study of transformative spiritual and psychic experiences which are at the roots of faith in the worlds religions and cultures… while remaining true to ones own faith and highest vision.

4) If I attend the SSF in Halifax do I have to change faith’s, even though I was raised say in the Roman Catholic or Anglican belief system?

No. The SSF believes you should remain true to your own faith and calling. What the SSF offers is a place to meet, discuss and worship the faith of your choosing plus explore the Spiritual and psychic elements that are inherent in all religions.

5) If I attended one of your services and the people on the platform said they were going to “step between the worlds and offer psychic messages” to those there. Is this for real?

Yes. The SSF believes communication with the so-called dead – in a universal communion of saints and spirits is a fact. It is actually believed by most of the world’s higher religions but experientially shared through mediumship and other psychic and spirit phenomena. The SSF offers through out the year classes to all who wish to develop these NATURAL abilities.

6) What sort of psychic things do the SSF acknowledge?

The SSF affirms and with varying degrees practice: Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, pyschometry, aurasensing, spiritual and psychic healing, prophecy, divination, higher forms of intuition, and communication with the spiritual world.

7) What sort of events does the Halifax SSF group do through out the year?

Over the years the Halifax chapter has continued to offer some of the most Interesting Development Classes available in the Maritimes. Some of our classes and events include Psychic development classes, which have 3 levels, beginners – intermediate and advanced, healing classes, Shamanic classes, Classes on using Crystals, Psychic art, Mediumship, Trance, Psychic teas,  Psychic fairs, Christmas events, and more. The best way to find out what is current is check the SSF website often or contact one of the Ministers.

8) I noticed you have as part of the Sunday service a Lecture? Is that going back to school?

Well if you’re meaning could you learn something, then yes. The lectures, which last between 10 to 20 minutes, are presented by local members and/or selected guests. The actual lectures are thought provoking and extremely interesting. They have ranged in the past from Shaman teachings, local native teachings, Buddhism, Hinduism, Kabbalah, various forms of Holistic Healing and much more including spiritual experiences of individuals to predictions. The list goes on and on. No two lectures have been the same, and of course, each individual giving the lecture has a unique personalised experience they share with the group. On their own, the lectures are worth coming to the services on Sundays.

9) Can anyone attend the Psychic & Mediumship classes offered by the Halifax Fellowship?

In most cases, yes, but if you’re not a member there’s a slightly higher cost. It is strongly suggested a person join the Fellowship. For a small fee, you not only get a year’s membership, but you get on the mailing list and thus be kept informed of all the events going on throughout the year.

The membership also puts you on the Montreal group list, which sponsors a major annual spring conference in Quebec. The membership also gets you a discount to some SSF events. This year (2006) if you’re a member there’s a FREE healing circle being held twice a month.

 If you’re interested in the membership
Click here for a membership application.

10) Do you need to be a member in order to attend a Sunday Service?

No. All are welcome.

If you have any questions that are not answered above, please feel free to contact us.