Rev. Michael Hiltz

Spiritual Science Fellowship Halifax logo,, all in purple, a white circle with a large figure which looks like it has three small figures of the same in it's hands. Interpretation could be one large spirit holding others.

Rev. Michael Hiltz – Senior Minster

Rev. Michael Hiltz, Senior Minister of the Spiritual Science Fellowship (SSF) – Halifax Chapter, was ordained in 1999, after commencing his ministry studies in 1988, under the direction of his mentor, and predecessor, the late Rev. Fred Cale (who passed over in March 2000), and Jeannine Olmstead (who subsequently passed in February 2002). Michael was appointed Senior Minister in 2002, by the Founder of the Fellowship, Rev. Dr. Marilyn Rossner, who Michael first met 18 years ago.picture of Rev. Micheal Hiltz standing by tall grass

As Senior Minister, Michael oversees the overall operations of the Fellowship – from chairing the monthly ministers’ meetings to scheduling the weekly lectures to reviewing Ministers when they are ready to be ordained and of course, to regularly attending and leading the weekly services. Michael considers himself blessed to have so many dedicated individuals in the Ministry – there are now 11 Ordained, Licensed and Student Ministers with the Fellowship.

Michael, in his role as Senior Minister, considers himself privileged to perform the sacraments of marriage, and marry couples. Always in demand to officiate at weddings, Michael has married more than 575 couples, since he performed his very first marriage ceremony on April 1, 2000 (“no fooling” jokes Michael) – a light-hearted day for a most solemn moment. While Valentines Day – February 14th remains a popular day to “tie the knot”, (Michael once married 5 couples one Valentines Day), actually the most couples he married in one day was 7 couples! This was one Saturday in August of 2002!

As Senior Minister, Michael is licenced to officiate at funerals, and helps both the living and the spirit make peaceful transitions.

Michael finds the ministry most fulfilling. “When you know you’ve helped people – then I know I am fulfilling my life’s purpose”, says Michael.

When he took the personal development classes first with Fred Cale, and then with Jeannine Olmstead, Michael began to realize his gifts of the spirit, and with this spiritual awakening, “it took me back to many gifts of the spirit I had experienced during my childhood, but which I had forgotten or had faded with time” muses Michael.

“As I look to the future, my personal wish is to have the Fellowship continue to grow into a strong and vital organization, with a large membership, as it was when I first joined.