Spiritual Healing Information

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Spiritual Healing Information

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Spiritual healers work with a positive intention in a deliberate way. They will focus their attention to the highest source of Peace and Love in the universe that they can imagine. This is called attunement to the universal source and is similar to meditation. It is a state of heightened awareness: being totally present and at the same time having an attitude of detachment.

The healers then consciously direct this experience of union with the universal source through themselves to the individual. This is called channeling, where the experience of love is directed through the healer and is not from the healer himself or herself. This type of healing with an individual present is sometimes called ‘laying on of hands’, although the hands are mainly held a short distance off the body. At the end of a healing session healers will consciously break the connection they have made with the individual and resume their normal everyday conscious state of being.

 Healing Circles

Healing circles are a common practice in many cultures, both in our current modern culture, and in those cultures from our ancient past. Healing circles are exactly what the name implies – a place where we may begin to heal ourselves. A healing circle is simply a gathering of people with a desire to explore the many aspect of healing. They are places of community for groups large and small – as small as two people, or as large as required.

Types of Healing

When we speak of healing, we are talking about healing at every level of our being: Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, and Spiritually. We are not necessarily talking about curing a physical ailment. Sometimes the healing comes when we learn to integrate and accept those things that we cannot change, especially those things from our past.

Distant Healing

Spiritual healing practiced when the individual is not present is called distant healing and is similar to prayer. It can be practiced in groups or individually.

Regulations for Spiritual Healing, SSF Ministers
& Those in Lay Ministry

Clairvoyants, Spiritual Healers, Speakers, Licensed Ministers (student ministers), and Ordained Ministers are not permitted to diagnose or prescribe in connection with physical or mental illness. The SSF recommends that all persons make use of the services of licensed medical professionals only.

SSF Spiritual Healers, Clairvoyants, Speakers, Licensed Ministers (student ministers) and Ordained ministers are not authorized to receive personal donations or payments of any kind for their volunteer services, which are intended to be purely of a religious nature.

On-line Healing

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